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Magento is a flexible eCommerce hosted solution with easy to use back-end . It has been widely used over the globe, and many E-commerce websites have made use of it. There are many themes that have been gaining steady recognition due to this platform, and many websites in the e-commerce industry have adhered to this theme and in that respect, this platform. If you want a specific look for your e-commerce website, then hire the expert services of Rise Commerce WordPress Designers Team . The best of wordpress eCommerce web design and Development work can be done by Rise Commerce team, and you’ll face no problems in order to get the work delivered on time.

Why Migrate Your Magento 1 Store To Magento 2?

Everything better comes up with its own benefits and limitations. Comparing Magento 1 vs Magento 2 versions, here are the benefits to make the right decision to migrate. They are

Flexible architecture for front end and backend

Improved performance and scalability

User-friendly interface

Enhanced user experience

Mobile-friendly design and theme layout

User-friendly checkout

Better admin panel that offers an easy way to create or upload products

Responsiveness and SEO friendly to improve the SERPs and search engine visibility

Hire a Dedicated Designer

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Migrate From Magento 1 To Magento 2 Without Breaking Anything on Your Store

Deploy, manage & scale magento stores without any hassle Migration to the Magento 2 consists of four different stages

Theme Migration

Magento 2 introduces new methodologies and technologies for delivering enhanced shopping and store experience to the merchants and users.

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Extension Migration

Extensions are essential components that provide new features and extend the functionalities of your Magento store.

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In many cases, the custom code used by your Magento 1 store is compatible with Magento 2. Magento offers a Code Migration Toolkit that helps you in this process

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Data Migration

The last action you need to perform during Magento migration process is moving your Magento 1 settings and data to Magento 2.

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Quick Guide on our process

We offers a comprehensive suite of web development services to help you get your website up and running.
Our expert team creates a seamless user-experience while keeping your needs in mind.

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We are Creative Magento Designers


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Migration Magento 1 to Magento 2 services FAQ

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.

When Should We Migrate Magento 1 To Magento 2?

st of our clients are concerned about this issue. They often make the following questions for us:
“Is Magento 2 stable?”
“Should we migrate Magento 1 to 2?”
“When is the appropriate time for Magento 2 migration?”
“Is it possible to run Magento 1 permanently?”

How To Migrate Theme From Magento 1 To Magento 2?

In the recent blog post, we have shown you some facts and methods to implement Magento 2 theme migration. Actually, it’s impossible to migrate the theme from Magento 1 to 2 by moving the current theme to the new site. Instead, we have to choose from the following ways:.

Find a free theme for Magento 2 and install it on the new store (included customization if needed): Very Cheap + Fast Buy a quality, ready-made theme for Magento 2 and install it on your store (included customization if required): Cheap + Fast Clone th
e old Magento 1 website to build a similar one for Magento 2 website (Magento 1 PSD design is needed): Expensive + Time-consuming
Clone your favorite website design to create a similar one for your store: Expensive + Very Time-consuming Create a unique design from scratch: Very Expensive + Very Time-consuming
Depending on your requirements, budget, and time that you can go for a proper method. However, we highly recommend you select the second option – applying a ready-to-use Magento 2 theme.

How To Migrate Data From Magento 1 To Magento 2?

Similar to the theme migration, Magento 2 extension migration doesn’t mean transferring the existing Magento 1 extensions to the new store. Instead, we need to buy new modules for Magento 2 that provide the same functions as those for Magento 1.x.
This means that if your site is highly dependent on third-party plugins (more than 50 extensions, for instance), the cost to acquire the new ones might be substantial. Hence, you have better revise all of your current modules and plugins and then decide which ones need migrating to your Magento 2 store or removing.
After buying the new Magento 2 extensions, you have to install them on the new site and solve possible conflicts. The higher number of modules to migrate, the more significant number of time spent on it.

How to Migrate Custom Code From Magento 1 To 2?

Magento 2 data migration is one of the essential steps in the Magento 1 to 2 migration process. We will need to transfer products, categories, customers, sale orders, blog & CMS page content, testimonials, ratings, and reviews… to the new store. Fortunately, Magento provides us with the free tools to migrate data and make this process easier.
Nevertheless, you need to have substantial knowledge to install the data migration tool and transfer all database assets smoothly and safely. In some cases, the migration is implemented by unprofessional developers, which leads to severe customer data loss. As a result, the buyers need to register a new account again when logging into the site, and obviously, not all of them are willing to.

How Much Does It Cost To Conduct Magento Migration From 1 To 2?

In terms of the theory, Magento 2 code migration should be easy since most of the code is compatible between the 2 platforms. But the reality is a different story.
If your site has any custom module, it will save time and effort by developing that module from scratch for Magento 2 rather than migrating its code to the new site.
In short, it’s suggested to find a Magento 2 extension that delivers the same function as your custom module or build a similar one for Magento 2.x.

What Will We Get After Implementing Magento 1 To 2 Migration?

If your site is migrated to Magento 2 successfully, you will get a better website design, performance boost, modern admin interface and richer user experience, and so on. Find out more great results that you would achieve here.
Because of all promising improvements, Magento 1 to 2 migration’s worth your time, money, and effort!

How To Hire A Reliable Magento Agency For Magento 1 To 2 Migration?

Your selected Magento development agency will determine 90% of your project’s success. There are 3 most fundamental criteria when choosing a partner: Quality, Price, and Service:
Quality: Is that Magento agency reputable? How many years of experience do they have (in Magento and Magento migration in particular)? How is the quality of Magento migration projects they have done?
Price: Does the agency offer the Magento migration cost within your budget? Is it cheaper/ higher than the average on the market? Does the price deserve the quality delivered?
Service: Do they provide sound advice for your project? Will they be a convenient way for you to follow and control the whole migration process? Do you create a detailed schedule with specific tasks and milestones? Do they offer support after completing the migration?