Magento 2 Ajax Catalog Infinite Scroll

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The Magento 2 Ajax Catalog Endless Scroll Extension, developed by certified Adobe eCommerce Engineers from RiseCommerce, is a potent solution that enables Magento shop owners to add infinite scrolling capabilities to their product catalogue pages with ease. This extension is free for both Magento Community and Adobe Commerce Cloud versions, making it an excellent solution for any store seeking to enhance the customer experience.


The plugin enables business owners to add endless scrolling capabilities to their product catalogue pages with no effort, allowing visitors to explore more products without having to navigate to separate sites. This includes the ability to load additional products when the consumer scrolls down the page, as well as the option to control the quantity of products loaded at once. For consumers who prefer to manually load additional products, the addon now offers a "Load More" option.


In addition to introducing infinite scrolling capabilities, the extension provides a tracking tool that allows business owners to observe the number of products viewed, the number of "Load More" button clicks, and the number of products placed to the basket. This information can be used to monitor the performance of endless scrolling and discover any issues that may be impacting the user experience.


The extension is user-friendly and straightforward to instal on Magento 2. Once installed, the administrator can visit the extension from the store's backend to customise the infinite scrolling settings. The plugin also contains a comprehensive analytics dashboard that provides a clear insight of the infinite scrolling's performance.


This extension helps business owners to simply improve the user experience for their consumers by providing endless scrolling functionality to their product catalogue pages. This is one of the extension's primary features. It also contributes to enhancing the consumer experience by allowing users to explore additional products without having to navigate to various pages.

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