Magento 2 All Product Reviews As Testimonials

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RiseCommerce's Magento 2 All Product Reviews as Testimonials Extension is a powerful solution for Magento shop owners that allows them to simply convert all product reviews into testimonials. It was designed by qualified Adobe eCommerce Engineers. This extension is free for either Magento Community or Adobe Commerce Cloud version, making it an excellent solution for any store wishing to improve the customer experience and boost product trust.


The plugin enables store owners to simply transform all product reviews into testimonials that can be shown on the business's homepage, product pages, and other important pages. This includes displaying the customer's name, location, and a photo (if available), as well as displaying a summary of the review. The extension also contains a function that allows store owners to moderate reviews before they are presented as testimonials, ensuring that the store only displays high-quality evaluations.


The extension, in addition to converting reviews to testimonials, offers a tracking tool that allows store owners to monitor how many reviews have been converted and how many testimonials have been posted on the store. This information can be utilised to monitor the effectiveness of the testimonial feature and discover any issues that may be affecting consumer engagement.


The plugin is simple to use and instals quickly in Magento 2. Once installed, the admin can access the extension from the store's backend and adjust the testimonial feature settings. The extension also contains a complete analytics dashboard that provides a clear picture of the testimonial feature's success.


One of the key advantages of this extension is that it makes it simple for store owners to improve the customer experience by transforming product reviews into testimonials.

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