Magento 2 Social Media Share Button with tracking

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  • Simple installation
  • It is fully compatible with Magento versions 2.3.x to 2.4.6.x
  • Enhanced Reach and Visibility
  • Amplified Brand Engagement
  • Increased Referral Traffic
  • Improved Brand Awareness
  • Social Proof and Credibility
  • Insights and Analytics
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The Magento 2 Social Share extension is a valuable and efficient tool that enables your customers to easily share their preferred products, categories, or important pages directly on different well-known social media platforms. Integrating this extension provides a smooth and convenient sharing experience, allowing users to promote your products and services with a simple click.

Enhanced Reach and Visibility: By enabling the easy sharing of products and content across various social media platforms, your brand's reach and visibility will be significantly expanded.

Amplified Brand Engagement: Empowering customers to share their favorite products or content strengthens customer relationships by encouraging conversations and interactions around your brand.

Increased Referral Traffic: Facilitating  the effortless sharing of your products results increase in referral traffic to your website and get high conversion rates and boost overall sales and revenue

Improved Brand Awareness: Elevate the power of social sharing adequately contributes to building a robust brand identity and awareness, making your brand more catchy , recognizable, distinguished among your target audience and within your industry

Social Proof and Credibility: Empowering customers share your products effectively generates a powerful social proof, indicating to proposed customers that your offerings are not only popular but also trustworthy

Insights and Analytics: Using  the all-inclusive tracking feature of the extension, you gain invaluable insights into the performance of your shared content, allowing you to deeply understand user behavior, preferences, and emerging trends.

In summary Magento 2 Social Share extension serves as a trigger for organic promotion allowing your customers to actively participate in spreading your products contributing to increased brand visibility. And it helps customer engagement, and ultimately, improves sales and business growth.

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