Magento 2 Video Gallery Page Supports YouTube, Vimeo and Self Hosted Videos

Magento 2 Video Gallery Page/Widget Extension is a powerful tool for online businesses and e-commerce stores looking to showcase their products and services through video content. This extension easily integrates into your Magento website and supports YouTube, Vimeo, and Self Hosted videos.


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The Magento 2 Video Gallery Page/Widget Extension enables you to create your own custom video gallery page or widget, which can be embedded into any page of your website. This page or widget can be fully customized, allowing you to choose the size, display mode, and color scheme to match your site's design.

The extension supports YouTube, Vimeo, and Self Hosted videos, so you can upload your videos to your preferred platform and easily add them to your gallery page or widget. This makes it simple to manage and update your video content without having to upload and store large video files on your own servers.

With the video gallery page/widget, you can display your videos in a variety of formats including standard, popup, or lightbox. Your videos can also be sorted and filtered so that visitors can easily find the content they are looking for.

RiseCommerce's Magento 2 Video Gallery extension is the best way to present video demonstrations of your products to your online customers. With this no-cost add-on, you can quickly and easily integrate video into your Magento 2 store, providing a more interesting and informative buying experience for your clients.


Customers may view and learn more about your items with the Video Gallery add-on, which allows you to build a page specifically for videos or embed movies directly into product pages. The extension also comes with a player that can be modified to fit your needs and playback multiple video formats.


It's simple to organise and locate films with the Video Gallery extension's extensive features, which include categorization, tagging, and sorting options for each video. Thanks to its adaptable layout, movies can be viewed on any device, giving your clients a better buying experience overall.


If you're using Magento 2, you can improve your store's visual appeal and provide clients additional information about your products by installing the free Magento 2 Video Gallery extension from RiseCommerce.

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